Well-being Needs of Children and Young Adults

Welcome to the pre-assignment page for your upcoming well-being training!


This page was designed as a tool to provide a review of normal child development and basic child development concepts that participants will need to understand prior to attending the four day Well-being training.  It will also provide information that can be used in your role as a Social Service Specialist for the Department of Human Services Child Welfare.  This page contains multiple resources, videos, and handouts that will be useful in your work of assessing the development and functioning of children you encounter during your career in child welfare.


Some who enter employment as a Social Service Specialist have background education and knowledge in the normal development and expected ages and stages of development for children.  Others come from fields and education that do not require this experience or knowledge and need more background knowledge of child development concepts and what to expect of children at different ages and developmental levels.  The pre-assignments included on this page are a self directed learning opportunity and a means to most effectively use our class time together.


In addition to being an ongoing resource, this page contains a link to three required activities that must be completed prior to attending the Well-Being Needs of Children and Young Adults training.  The first of these activities is a worksheet that must be completed prior to attending the training, and brought with you to the classroom.  This worksheet and the information contained in it will be utilized throughout the course of the training.  The second activity is a quiz that must be passed prior to attendance.


Please pay close attention to the instructions provided below.  Should you have any difficulties or questions after you have fully read the instructions, please proceed to the Our Team page, and navigate to Training Specialists to locate and email a trainer.  If you find that you are having difficulties with the website, please feel free to email Kristin Chappell at kchapp2@pdx.edu.


We look forward to seeing you in training!


Page Instructions


  1. Read the Content Page to familiarize yourself with concepts regarding human development, "Nature vs. Nurture" and the five developmental domains.
  2. Read and explore the Resources PageThere are multiple resources, handouts, and printable/downloadable documents that will assist you in your work with children.  Utilize these documents to refresh or build your knowledge of basic child development concepts and trajectories.  This is optional content for you to use as you need to complete the required quiz and pre-assignment worksheet.
  3. Watch the required video "Temperament," found on the Videos Page as it pertains to normal child development.  Explore and watch the additional videos as needed to learn more about child development concepts.
  4. Print the required pre-assignment Worksheet and complete using a child on your caseload, or a child that you are familiar with.  Bring the completed worksheet to the first day of the Well-being training, as there will be a class activity involving this information.  Don't forget!  This will take some time, so do not wait!
  5. Complete the required pre-assignment quiz found here.  You are allowed to take the quiz at any time and may use any of the resources provided or found on your own to complete the quiz.  You may review as much, or as little as you need to pass the quiz.  The quiz must be passed with an 80% or higher in order to be completed with the pre-assignments and eligible for attending the Well-being training.

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