Interactive Timeline Scheduling Tool

Supervisors can use this interactive timeline tool to help identify ideal start dates for new hires.


Click on the "Start Date" selection of your choice, and available training dates will be filtered into each category.  If trainings are attended in the dates shown, the participant will remain in compliance with training timeline requirements.


Once the background is cleared and the start date set, contact Kristin Chappell ( at the Child Welfare Partnership to register your new worker.  In your email, please include the...

...participant's name

...selected start date

...branch and district

...caseload type they will carry

...supervisor name, if it is someone other than



When the participant has completed Essential Elements of Child Welfare Practice, he or she will be able to register for subsequent trainings in iLearn.  Those course numbers are as follows:


C06007 - Essential Elements of Child Welfare Practice

C06010 - Family Conditions

C06009 - Preparing and Presenting for Success in Court

C06008 - Wellbeing Needs of Children and Youth


Any registration questions can be sent to Kristin Chappell at the Child Welfare Partnership.  Training requirement questions can be directed to Karyn Schimmels, the Child Welfare Training Manager.

Please note: Timeline dates are reflected only through June 2019.


Updates provided September 14, 2018


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