Well-being Needs of Children and Youth

Mandatory within: 6 months of hire


Length: 4 days




  • Essential Elements of Child Welfare Practice
  • Advocating for Educational Services NetLink
  • Child Development Pre-assignment




This training focuses on the well-being needs of the children and young adults who come into contact with the child welfare system. Participants will learn how maltreatment can impact development, including identity development, and the caseworker’s roles and responsibilities in ensuring healthy development for children and young adults. This training emphasizes the importance of significant relationships, connections to community, and encouraging child interests in building resilience, as well as the importance of the caseworker-child relationship. Participants will learn how to ensure they have a complete and holistic picture of a child’s experience, how to build a team around a child, and strategies for effective transition planning. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from a diverse youth panel and engage with multiple expert presenters on real world strategies for meeting the needs of children and young adults.

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