Preparing & Presenting for Success in Court

Mandatory within: 1 year of hire


Length: 5 days




  • Essential Elements of Child Welfare Practice






This training provides an in depth exploration of caseworker’s roles and responsibilities in relation to court and the Citizen Review Board (CRB). Various sources of child welfare law and practice as well as the different types of court and court hearings will be presented.  The importance of using trauma-informed engagement practices to prepare and involve children, parents, families and Tribes in court processes will be emphasized, as well as the unique aspects of working with refugee families.  Participants will learn how to write petitions and court reports, how to prepare for and effectively present in court/CRB, and testify in court. Participants will demonstrate their ability to present a case and testify in court in a simulated court experience. Participants will also take a pre/post knowledge assessment.


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