Oregon DHS Child Welfare Professionals


Oregon Child Welfare Professionals are encouraged to register for courses as an advanced training opportunity. This program is primarily intended for Oregon Mental Health professionals, and they will receive priority seating.


 The significant role of the child welfare professional in supporting the success of the child and the family is well recognized. This training series provides child welfare professionals with the advanced training necessary to:


  • Recognize and encourage adoptive and foster care families’ strengths and resiliencies to support their children
  • Recognize the emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues of children with histories of abuse, trauma & neglect
  • Support adoptive and foster families in developing alternate approaches, realistic expectations, and strategies for helping their children thrive




Registration Information and Requirements

Child Welfare professionals may take an individual course and receive coordinating CEU hours. If all 6 courses are completed, the Child Welfare professional will receive a Professional Certificate of Completion. Eligible professionals include those with the Social Service Specialist 1 (SSS1) and Supervisor (PEM) titles. Courses are free for Oregon DHS workers, and are offered only one course per series of six courses.


Please note that registration does not guarantee a seat in the course. Registration closes approximately 30 days prior to the date of each course. When all registration requests have been processed and prioritized, you will be notified via email if your registration has been accepted. Please add this date to your calendar as tentative appointment.


To register, please click here.




Professional Certificate Information

Child welfare professionals receive a Professional Certificate: Child Welfare Practice with Adoptive & Foster Families upon successful completion of all six courses [8 training days] totaling 70 CEU hours. There is no application process required. The Professional Certificate will be issued upon completion of all courses, including pre-reading assignments. This Certificate can be completed within 4-6 months if all courses are attended in consecutive order.




What is a Certificate of Completion (noncredit)?

Certificates of Completion are awarded to all noncredit students who successfully complete a series of focused workshops. The certificate reflects the total contact hours earned in continuing education units. In addition, students needing to document their participation on a workshop-by-workshop basis can receive a certificate of completion for each individual workshop they successfully complete. These certificates of completion have been approved by the appropriate department(s).




Did you know...


The directory can help you with mental health therapy referrals!


Mental Health professionals who earn the Certificate of Completion are part of a core group of clinicians available to serve adoptive, foster, and relative families throughout Oregon. A directory of Mental Health professionals who have completed this training certificate is available here.



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Have questions? Check out the FAQ Section!
Have questions? Check out the FAQ Section!
Have questions? Check out the FAQ Section!
Have questions? Check out the FAQ Section!
Have questions? Check out the FAQ Section!