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How do I register?

Register for courses on our website; look for Course List & Registration.  Mental health professionals may register for one course or apply for the entire program.  Only mental health professionals may submit an application to the full program and earn a Certificate of Completion.

If you are an Oregon child welfare professional you may register for one course per series.

If you have issues regarding registration please contact Anna Vetter at


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When does the registration period close?

Registration closes approximately 1 month prior to the course.  You will receive email notification at that time stating whether your registration is confirmed, put on a waitlist for the course, or if there are no seats available.  We encourage you to hold the course date on your calendar when you register.


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Is this really free?

Yes, this program is of no cost to Oregon mental health professionals who are licensed, in supervision for licensure, or Master’s level non-licensed therapists who are practitioners in agencies licensed to provide mental health services.  The accompanying CEU hours are also issued at no cost for Oregon therapists.

This program is also free for Oregon child welfare caseworkers (SSS1’s and supervisors).


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Do I have to take the whole series of classes or can I just take one?

Mental health professionals may register for one course or can apply for the whole program.  If you apply and are accepted into the program, you will have priority seating for the next scheduled series of courses for the upcoming series.

Oregon child welfare professionals may register for one course per series, or two per a 12 month period.  There is not an application process for the full program for child welfare professionals.


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How will I be notified of acceptance to take a class?

Notification will be sent via email by Anna Vetter from the Child Welfare Partnership, Portland State University, approximately one month prior to the course.


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Who can I contact if I have questions?

Please direct any questions to Anna Vetter Project Manager via email


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Do therapists treating children via OHP get priority registration?

Yes, Oregon therapists who provide treatment to foster and adopted children via the Oregon Health Plan get priority seating.  The goal of this program is to increase effective, accessible, and affordable mental health support for Oregon children and families.


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Why do therapists in some geographic areas in Oregon get priority registration?

In an effort to build the network of therapists in our Directory throughout the state of Oregon, therapists that practice in the identified high priority need areas [such as Eastern, Southern, Coastal and Central Oregon] will get priority seating.

Therapists from other geographic areas in Oregon [such as the Valley or Portland Metro area] are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Non-Oregon therapists are accepted on a space available basis.


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How many CEU hours can I earn?


  • Total of 70 CEU hours for a full Certificate of Completion.
  • 70 CEU hours available for the 6 courses (8 training days).


Child Welfare Professionals:

  • Total of 70 CEU hours available for the 7 courses (8 training days).


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What if I am a therapist accepted into the full program but have to miss a class in my series?

Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive priority registration to the next upcoming series of courses.  If you happen to miss one of those classes, you are encouraged to complete the program.  You will need to complete the registration for the course you missed.


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If I have Master's degree but am not licensed, can I apply? Can I take a class?

Yes, if you are a mental health professional with a Master’s degree and are in supervision for licensure; or are a non-licensed mental health practitioner working in an agency licensed to provide mental health services.


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If I am a non-Oregon therapist can I take a class or apply to the program?

Non-Oregon, licensed therapists will be accepted as seats are available.  There is a cost for each course of $125 and $250 for the 2-day course.


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What is Structured Peer Case Consultation & Education?

This information applies to the 2016 - 2017 cohort only.


To earn the Certificate of Completion, therapists accepted into the program who have completed all 7 of the Adoptive & Foster Family Therapy Certificate Program courses will then be required to participate in 2 of the Structured Peer Case Consultation and Education Group.  This consultation group is designed to assist therapists in the practical application of emerging theory and research in the treatment of trauma for the specialized populations of foster care and adoption.  This group meets 4-5 times a year to continue their learning through presentation of therapy cases and casework issues. During 2016-2017, Deborah Gray will be the facilitator of this group.


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Is there Structured Peer Case Consultation & Education for child welfare workers?

 No, this clinical group is only available to therapists.


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I am an Oregon Child Welfare caseworker, can I get a Certificate of Completion?

Yes, a Professional Certificate: Child Welfare Practice with Adoptive & Foster Families will be issued upon successful completion of all six courses [8 training days] totaling 70 CEU hours.


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Portland State University

Child Welfare Partnership

626 High Street NE

Suite 400

Salem, OR 97301


(503) 584-7315

Have questions? Check out the FAQ Section!
Have questions? Check out the FAQ Section!
Have questions? Check out the FAQ Section!
Have questions? Check out the FAQ Section!
Have questions? Check out the FAQ Section!